Regulation 14

Regulation K Regulation 14

Regulation 14

Glass and Glazing in public places and the workplace, by law, has to meet certain criteria. Regulation 14 is a safety standard used to judge all glazing in commercial buildings.

  • All glazed areas must be protected against breakage (toughened glass or specialist window films).
  • Safety glazing must meet BS 6206. (British Standard)
  • Clear glazing must be marked for safety.

Window Films are  the most effective way of bringing unprotected glazing up to the British Standard legal requirements. Much quicker and easier, not to mention cheaper than replacing the glass.

At Quantus, we recognise that safety is a vitally important aspect of our products and installation standard. We take our part in your safety very seriously.

Does your glass have a kite mark on it? If not then give us a call and we can check it for you.

You can, of course, investigate all of this for yourself at  Glass in the work place (PDF)

If you need further information or would like a survey to be done, please don’t hesitate to call on 0191 4873333 or simply contact us.

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